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    DungeonMC In-Game Rules

    Disclaimer: Staff have the final decision in a punishment. If you wish to dispute a punishment, you make an appeal. (Note, the punishment must be longer than Seven Days for you to appeal).

    1. Don’t Spam Chat
    2. Don’t Grief - Don’t break blocks or steal someone’s property if you are trusted. (Note: It is fine to grief an unclaimed places)
    3. Don’t Cheat - Self Explanatory, Don’t be that person
    4. Don’t use Racial Slurs - We don’t censor, but there are some instances where it goes too far.
    5. Don’t Advertise
    6. No Threats
    7. Don’t Impersonate Staff or Content Creators
    8. Don’t Attempt Leaving to Avoid Punishment - This only makes your punishment permanent.
    9. Bypassing - If you bypass using another account, both accounts will be punished permanently.
    10. Don’t be obnoxious to staff - ie. Constantly calling them abusive or ignorant, spamming them in private, or otherwise harassing them when they say stop. This may result in being jailed in game or muted.


    1. Scamming is Allowed
    2. Swearing is Allowed
    3. Status is never getting Mod
    4. If you want to report a staff member for Abuse, please go about doing so the right way on the forums - No one wants angry DM’s telling them a person is wrong.

    By playing on this Network, you agree to the following Terms:

    1. Knowledge of the rules is your responsibility. If you try the excuse “I haven’t read the rules”, it will not matter.

    2. Management decisions are final if your appeal is denied.

    3. The Network has the right to punish you in any way, at any time, without compensation.

    4. These rules are subject to change. In the event of such a thing happening, refer back to number one on this list.
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