DungeonPlanet Legacy Update/Reversion [v0.0.1]

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    Greetings Cosmonauts
    We have begun the development for our OG CosmicPvP server. What do we mean by this? Well, ALL op features on the modern CosmicPvP will be disabled and never see the light of day on DungeonMC. This includes but is not limited to:
    * Masks
    * Soul Enchantments
    * Evolution kits
    and much more! Make sure to read our patch notes to see what we add, remove and fix on the server!

    Find a bug? Make a ticket in our discord!

    All features on this list have been added to the server.

    * Voting Rewards
    * Easter Egg Commands

    * Stylish /list Command - We have ported over CosmicPvP's stylish /list command into our very own server! This includes the % of players in each rank that are online.
    * Brand New /Staff Command - Need to contact a staff member? Its never been easier to see what staff is online with our /staff command.
    * New /f inspect Command - Have a suspicion that your faction members are doing shady things? Well you can check on them with this new command.
    * Legacy Faction Scoreboard - We have gotten CosmicPvP's OLD factions scoreboard style, and in our opinions, the better one! Hope you enjoy!

    All bug fixes, patches, etc will be shown here

    * Reverted ALL /Gkit kits to NON heroic - We have decided its best to go old style and revert the changes cosmic did to our precious kits, they are now the BABY version kits! Yay!

    Features that have been removed/vaulted will be shown here. Goodbye features!

    * Mastery Kits, Evolution Kits. Godly Kits - We have removed ALL gkits from our GKIT pool besides SPOOKY, HYPERDRIVE, GUARDIAN and DESTROYER. All gkits are no longer heroic and have been nerfed.
    * Mastery, Soul, Heroic Enchantments - I think we can all agree that those enchants sort of BROKE cosmic, so lets not repeat that process...
    * Special Sets - Will not be apart of LEGACY Update, may revisit this feature at a future day.
    Masks - We may bring this back in the near future, but with less op perks.

    * Rank+ - We felt that in order to bring back the nostalgia of older cosmic players, this rank would not fit in the server.

    * Enchantment Slot Bonuses - We have made our max lore count at 9. "9 lore gear" will be our normal "God" set format.
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